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Luis Mejia, MA, PT

Owner/Physical Therapist

Luis is an accomplished senior level physical therapist with expertise in Orthopedics, Spine Rehab and home based services. He has significant experience with leading Physical Therapy departments and their staff while setting the overall vision for his departments. He is known for his ability to work independently in the field with complex populations, maintaining the highest standard of care by using his critical thinking skills.

Throughout his 23 year career, Luis has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the New York and Florida medical communities  for his superior skill, outcomes and customer satisfaction. He has been able to use his close relationships from within an extensive network of highly skilled medical professionals to help his patients and colleagues achieve the best possible results. Throughout his career, Luis has made it a point to challenge himself professionally by surrounding himself with the most talented individuals in the medical community. Luis has collaborated on a number of medical projects and regularly participated in educational symposiums with prominent figures of the orthopedic and spine community.

At Mejia Physical Therapy and Wellness, we pride ourselves on our excellent client service.  Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using a professional.

An effective physical therapist can guide,  motivate and educate you every step of the way. Therapists provide accountability and discipline, while making  sure that you don't hurt yourself. You need a partner that looks out for you so don't risk making things worse...call us today at (954) 632-8535 and ask for Luis.

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